Another little Palette challenge for my own, with Korra (subject and palette choosen by Avi)


Drew Robin Williams as the King of Hyrule as a tribute to the late great actor. He loved Legend of Zelda so I’ve incorporated his love for the game into this sketch.
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The Red Lotus
Anonymous sent: Zaheer is kinda right when he says the world leaders are being bad. Even though he's evil, he's not stupid and kinda wise.


I loved his philosophy on the topic tbh 

I don’t find him crazy at all

except for that chaos portion, everything seemed legitimate

I don’t know, I totally understood the chaos portion. though, I think it could’ve been worded differently..

Think of it like a New Jack Pine tree, the only way to get their pine cones to open & spread seeds is through immense heat.. Like a fire, so the only way new ones could grow was with destruction of pretty much everything else around it. Chaos for everyone but fire restiant trees!!~


I’ve been hearing theories about Bolin being a lava bender instead of a metal bender because of his mixed Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation roots and goSH THAT’S THE BEST THEORY I’VE EVER HEARD


Sunburnt and exhausted but done and happy. I told David that Mako was my favorite and he got all excited and said “Get outta here!” In a very Mako fashion and it was awesome. Everyone was awesome. Great signing, it was so fun to meet them.

oh my god, that poster!!! I bet they would’ve given those out as korra nation prizes if the leak hadn’t happened…..
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Streaming DESTINY!


family - ᐃᓚᒌᑦ 

Tiny Inuit Korra is my favorite Korra
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Excited to watch LoK S3 :)
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